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This Wiki describes the parallel SCARA-Robot Project in the control engineering laboratory at Hochschule Ulm. The Robot is programmed with a cRIO Real-Time System with LabVIEW, LabVIEW Real Time and LabVIEW FPGA. It uses a EPOS2 50/5 servo control unit. This wiki was built in 2014 to provide a complete Documentation of the Project. The purpose of this wiki is to describe the VIs, the hardware topology, the software patterns and so on. If you work on the project, I hope you will also work on this wiki so that everybody there is always this wiki existing and helping new students to program and use the SCARA-Robot.

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Below you see a picture of "our" parallel SCARA Robot.

SCARA Robot RTlab


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Dear future editor, please stick with the structure of this wiki. There is one or several Hyperlinks on every wiki page to navigate through the pages. I think that these Hyperlinks are better than the built-in navigation on this wiki because the editor can choose them a lot more flexible. Additionally, please stick with the english language because it could be that a foreigner has to work on the SCARA-Robot. If somebody without knowledge in the german language has to work on the robot, this wiki will help him a lot. Thanks.

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